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  • VI Pro 2 - Special edition - Maj - Min Change with velocity

    Hi, I'm a new member/owner of special edition (no extended/no plus) and just bought instruments pro 2. So my problem is to get minor chords by velocity higher than 100. 1. loaded VI Pro2 - Chord presets 2. SE03 Orchestra String Chords 3. keyswitch C2 = preset 1 4. go to sequencer mode 5. synchronize scale setting is on 6. regions is on - 2 regions are defined (default) maj to vel 100 / minh from 101 to 127 Pressing keyboard with different velocities changes nothing. Is there another setting to be made ? Velocity now changes the volume but no chord changes. thanks patrick

  • Hi Patrick, 

    The velocity switch is directly on the key-switches from C7 upwards. 



    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  • Hi Paul, thank you for your prompt reply. I'll check it out later on. Patrick