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  • EastWEst Patches and MIR PRO5


    I am using a Mac hosting logic Pro 9 and a slave PC running MIR PRO 5. I loaded some EastWest patches into the PC Slave and placed the folders in the VI PRO 2 Directory manager. However they don't show up in the patch list of MIR PRO 5. What am I missing? 


    Stephen W. Beatty

  • The Directoy Manager is meant to be used with VSL products only. Please open VE Pro's Preferences and add the proper path the the newly installed VST instruments to the list of plugins.


    /Dietz - Vienna Symphonic Library
  • Hi Stephen, VSL VI PRO 2 Directory Manager works for the VSL Library only. For using any third part Library go in VE PRO 5 to >preferences >plugins >vst settings - than add the Folder of the 3rd party lib. When it isn't still show up under >"channel" > "add plug in" scan or rescan the plug in folder of VE PRO 5 or just restart VE PRO 5. Should work this way. Best Frank crossed posting - LOL

  • Thanks gentlemen for your help. Does this mean that you have to open the eastwest interface on a different plugin to get a different patch?

    It makes you  appreciate the elegance of the VE Pro GUI !

    Stephen W. Beatty 

  • You can of course open the EastWest plugin inside VE Pro (although there seem to be certain peculiarities with some of their products), but you will have to use its own GUI, like it's the case with every 3rd-party plugin.

    Kind regards,

    /Dietz - Vienna Symphonic Library