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  • No audio on VE Pro 4 server only with Omnisphere ( PC/Windows 7)

    Hi, I installed VE Pro 4 on my PC with windows 7 and I can'tt get any sound out of Omnisphere/Trillian but on the server only. It works when I use a soundcard .All my NI stuff works fine both ways. Any help would be appreciated,thanks.G

  • Hi eljodon, 

    I guess we need a bit more information here - at least I canĀ“t make much sense of your posting. Please describe your setup or contact  with a description and a few screenshots. 



    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  • I'm using a Mac Pro 2.26Ghz 8 core,12 Gigs RAM as my main computer, a Mac Pro 2.93Ghz 8 Core.24 Gigs Ram as a slave.a 2.66Ghz 12 core,48gigs RAM as a slave and a custome PC 3.2Ghz 7i, 8 gigs RAM as another slave. I have the latest VE Pro installed in all of them. Everithing works on all computers execpt my PC. In Omnisphere and Trillian there's no sound, I see a MIDI signal but no sound. When I don't use VE Pro 4 as a server on my PC but use VE Pro with a sound card both Omnisphere and Trillian work fine.I should mention that all other pluggins work wnen I use VE Pro 4 as a server only Omnisphere and Trillian will not produce any sound. I hope I was more clear, my apologies!

  • Hi eljodon, 

    quite a setup you have there, thanks for the details. 

    I assume you are using the latest versions of Omnisphere and Trillian on your PC (BTW: which OS??), we havenĀ“t heard of any troubles with Spectrasonics products on either Windows or OSX in combination with VE PRO 4 (and these plug-ins are quite wide-spread). 

    Do you want to send some screenshot that shows how you integrated those 2 plug-ins in your VE PRO 4 to , I assume it could be a routing issue....

    Any other ideas are of course also welcome!



    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  • Thanks, it is an elaborate set up, I get confused with 4 keyboard and 4 trackballs! I'm not a PC a guy and I have no clue how to do a sreen shot on a PC! I have spectrasonic plugins in all my computers and with most of my samples, just in case something happens. I never had any issues with the spectrasonics stuff. Is just weird why it doesn't work when I use  VE Pro in server mode and it works when I use the version that requires a sound card.I'll triple check and let you know. Thank you sir!!!

  •  Why don't you use the same keyboard and mouse for all your computers, using Remote Desktop? I know that doesn't solve your initial problem, but it would solve the multiple mouse/keyboard issue.