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  • [SOLVED] Installation Problem

    Hope the thread is at the right place. I reformated my HDD and now I'm stucking in a new installation of VSL SE. At the point: Libary Installer - I select the DVD - and find the "". When I doubleklick this error appears: DCOM connection to program 'Synsopsos.exe' failed.| Error: Ausnahmefehler des Servers.* * english: exceptional error by/of Server Can anyone help?

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    Hello Fastel,

    Please make sure that you are using the latest eLCC and ALL the latest VSL software.

    We have updated the copy protection, so all parts (protection software and the protected software) need to be updated! After this, please restart your computer, and everything should work just fine!



    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  • Danke, hab es inzwischen hinbekommen ;)