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  • [SOLVED] opening VIP2 in VEP5?

    Forgive the dumb question..

    But I can only seem to load a regular Vienna Instrument sample player in VEP5, not a VIP2 instrument.

    When I click on the "add instrument" tab under the "channel" tab it just creates a regular Vienna Instrument. Or, if I try and add VIP2 as an insert, it is not listed in my available AU plugins (it is listed as a regualr AU insert in Logic, however.

    ANy help would be greatly appreciated and please forgive me if I have made a simple m istake here. I'm  just getting started with VEP5 (& MIR Pro)  and it's a tad daunting.



  • You need to install VIP2 separately, it does not come with VEP5. When VIP2 is installed, an icon to create a VIP2 track will appear. If you have installed it already alongside VEP5, please just try to run the VIP2 installer again. I am confident it will appear.


  • Thanks Martin!

    I reinstalled VIP2 and it shows up in VEP5 now,

    I really appreciate the help.