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  • "Ghost" Audio Before Start of Sequence

    Hello. We have been experiencing some odd behaviors out of vepro, clicks and pops, producing audio before a sequence starts. It has been intermittent so far, but still troubling. The "Ghost" audio behaves like this: we have a session open, the MIDI sequence in vepro starts on bar 20; however, we will hear garbled, muted audio from vepro before the sequence starts. Anyone experience this one? Using vepro with Digital Performer 7.2 Mac Pro dual quad core

  • This happens to me sometimes when I use some plugins that heavily rely on plugin compensation.  So when I hear these "Ghost" or seemingly quick spurts of noise, I go to preferences --> Plugins --> and make it to "Run in real time"   yes my CPU is a little higher, but it takes care of it.

    Typically I have, run all VI's in real time.  You can NOT have PreGen mode on.  VEP will freak out.

    Not sure if this helps out.  I've just noticed sometimes the whole compensation thing gets a little funky..

    Also, DP7.24 has a lot of fixes compared to DP7.21 my experience at least.  Not sure what version you have when you say DP7.2