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  • Considering buying VSL libraries

    Hi, I am considering buying some VLS libraries. However, the product page at is at least confusing. So many different versions and upgrade paths. So I thought to start with the following question: is it possible to purchase an instrument library which is NOT upgradeable? This is what I want to avoid. For example, if I buy one of the starter libraries, will it become obsolete at some point if I need more articulations or a better version of the same instrument?

    Thank you,

  • What are your primary writing style(s)?  Depending on what you wish to accomplish, library suggestions would differ.

    The SE packages are a good starting point.  Even after you start purchasing full libraries, you could still use SE for secondary instruments.  Nonetheless, the full packages are better, and the additional articulations are of great use.  If you do go the SE route, consider getting all four of the SE libraries.  One advantage of SE is that it requires less computer power and memory to run.  All four of the SE libraries will fit within 8 gigs of ram. 

    In general, if buying full DVD libraries or downloads, plan on getting both the standard and extended portions of the libraries you decide to purchase.

  • I'm also considering buying the SE and SE+ libraries.  I'm assuming I can do this, but can I just buy/license SE standard and SE+ standard then license the extensions at a later date? 

  • Hi winknotes, 

    Yes, you can purchase the Standard Libraries first and add the Extended Libraries anytime later on (you are right, all data is installed right away). 

    If you contact , we will provide you with free demo licenses for the Extended Libraries of your DVD Collections, if you like. 

    These demo licenses work for 30 days/30 starts. Once the 30 starts are used up, you can recharge them as often as you like by clicking "Maintenance" in the eLicenser Control Center (within 30 days). 



    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL