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  • VE Pro 5.x and DP Event Inputs dropping notes...

    I'm having trouble with VEP dropping notes, both playing in real time and playing back recorded MIDI when those tracks are going through an Event Input aux channel in DP 7.24 routed to VI instruments in the VEP instance. It is not a problem on the main VE instance channel, only on the Event Input channels.

    Any suggestions?

    VE Pro 5.0.10068

    DP 7.24 Mac Pro 8-core with 14G RAM, OS 10.6.8

  • [SOLVED] 

    OK, so if you happen to run into this problem, here's what I found...

    I had my VE Pro instance in a v-rack in DP, which I had imported from another project file. When I removed that v-rack and created a new v-rack with a new instance of VE Pro and new Event Inputs, everything worked fine. So for DP users, it doesn't work to import (load) a v-rack with a VE Pro instance and Event Inputs. Instead, create a new v-rack setup and simply load the vframe settings into it.