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  • VE Pro 4.1.9753 broken after update

    Hi folks,

    I need your help. :(

    I've upgraded VE Pro from version 4.1.8008 to 4.1.9753 - and find myself unable to work anymore. I'm running Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit, starting Vienna Ensemble Pro Server 64-bit, and connect to it through the VST in Cubase - that all works well.

    My actual issue: It does not load the 64-bit VSTs anymore. It does not give me the option to insert a VI Pro 2 VST in Vienna Ensemble, and when I open an existing project file the channels load instantly, but without their VSTs. I've checked the VST scan folders, they're okay, and I can load the VI Pro 2 VST directly from within Cubase. In VE, it just does not show up anymore.

    Is there anything I can try to solve this?


  • Not quite the solution I was hoping for, but after writing that I just installed 4.1.8861 again - and it works.

  • Please install VI Pro 2 after upgrading to VE Pro 4.1.9753. It will properly appear then. This will not be needed anymore when updating VE Pro from 4.1.9753 or later.

  • I'll try this tonight. Thank you kindly for the swift response!