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  • Re-Installing OS reduces the number of activations?

    I bought VEPro 5. but it comes to think if i re-install my operating system to clean my computer, the number of activation will be reduced? I know i can install this product up to 3 machines but if i re-install my operating system that'll be counted as installed another computer? for example if i will buy new computer and try to use this product on it, i need the second activation. but in that case, it's the same computer. no idea what will happen if i re-install my operating system, thanks.

  • unlikely. the license is not bound to the computer but to the elincenser key. you can but one key ( = one activation) on as many computers ( one at a time) as you like. just do not break or loose it. that is the positive aspect ( one of the few) of the licenser key.

    hope that helps

  • oh so i can even use the same activation key on the different computer??? 3 activation keys mean you can use up to 3 computers at the same time if you have 3 vienna keys? if so, that's very cool..

  • The dongle doesn't care what computer you plug it into. That's one of the really good things about this sort of copy protection. You just plug it in, and away you go.