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  • Accessing multiple MIDI ports with VEP and Logic

    I noticed that with my recent purchase of VEP 5, there is a Logic file that comes with the download package called "VEP Multiport Layer.logic"  

    Is this the only way in Logic to access multiple MIDI ports on one instance of VEP?  This seems kind of clunky to me.  I was using Plogue Bidule before and those MIDI ports showed up automatically in Logic so for every multi-timbral instrument I could easily assign a descrete port and MIDI channel.  

    Is there not some simple way to do this with VEP and Logic?  

    Any tips would be highly welcome.

  •  Bidule can only show multiple ports because you use it as a standalone. If you use VEP as a standalone you would get multiple MIDI ports as well. The reason you can't is that it acts as a plugin, and Apple has decided that 1 MIDI port is quite enough. That's why VSL has come up with the ingenious workaround.


  • Ingenious yes , but it doesn't work 

  • quite!