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  • Create hybrid reverb using VS convolution reverb and another high quality algorithmic reverb eg...

     Hi all

    I am new to this game and likes to explore the idea of creating a hybrid reverb using VS convolution reverb and another high quality algorithmic reverb eg Lexicon PCM96. I normally use Lexicon algorhymic reverb for my live recording. I also use VS convolution revert to create different depth for the orchestra as suggested in the tutorial by Beat Kaufmann for my MIDI arrangements. He also includes a number of hybrid reverb presets.

    What I plan to do is to use his convolution reverb preset to create depth and add the Lexicon algorhymic tail to this. I am not sure anyone has tried this and worry that the IRs in the convolution of the VS may not match that of the Lexicon ones. Is there any reading material out there that I can learn to adjust the settings in the Lexicon reverb to achieve the best results


  • Hi Tim

    I've just seen your thread...

    May I give you an answer from my side?

    My Hybrid-Reverb-Presets produce the the depth mainly with the Impulse Responces (IRs) of the Hybrid.

    The Algorithmic Reverb (the second part of Hybrid) enhances these depths.

    Because these presets are "good points of start" you can lengthen or shorten these tails or you can increase/decrease their volumes etc.

    And now further important for you Tim, you have the ability to switch of the tail (by pressing "TAIL MUTE")

    No problem then to add this part (a Tail) with another reverb which follows Hybrid.

    If you would like to use a hardware-lexicon it could probably a bit tricky to insert it just as the following effect.

    But you will find a solution for sure.

    "Kaufmann's Reading Material"

    If you are using a Reverb just for adding a tail you should switch of the producing of its Early Reflections or you should try

    to keep their volume on a low level. The (pre-) delay of the tail is OK.

    You can try to copy the tail parameters of Hybrid for adjust your lexicon. The rest will happen by listening to the result.

    The most important knobs will probably be the volume of the tail and the lenght of it.



    - Tips & Tricks while using Samples of VSL.. see at: - Tutorial "Mixing an Orchestra":
  • Thanks Beat. Your advice is very helpful. So are your hybrid presets. I will try what you suggest and let you know the result


  • There's nothing wrong with a "meta-hybrid" approach using VS Convolution Reverb and any other algorithmic reverb engine. The only downside will be that you have to take care for intefering early reflections, and that you will have to deal with more complex routing.

    Kind regards,

    /Dietz - Vienna Symphonic Library
  •  VSL Convolution with Breeze tail sounds good.