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  • More tests of MIR


    1) I have test my test piece with Logic and VSL AU set in stereo and 8 x Event Inputs --> 100 --> 97 VI and 3 input (defined but not used)

    The sound IS GREAT, No clicks no clacks but I had two hanging notes. !!

    This is very strange because the VE process is below  500 %, most of the time it is at 350 %

    (the max possible on my system is 1200%)

    Logic process is at 80 %

    2)  I have also test my test piece with Finale 2012 trial and VSL AU set in stereo and 8 x Event Inputs

    I have not finish the test yet because I have not been able to copy the tempo track from the midi file into my Finale template(if somebody know how to do it that will help me a lot)

    Finale is interprating this midi file differently than Logic, the strings are too loud, the winds playing but they are so low you can hardly hear them, all volume are at 0Db !

    So far there is no hanging notes. no clicks [;)]



    MacBook Pro M3 MAX 128 GB 8TB - 2 x 48" screen --- Logic Pro --- Mir Pro 3D --- Most of the VI libs, a few Synch... libs --- Quite a few Kontakt libs --- CS80 fanatic