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  • EMERGENCY!! Vienna License lost during transfer!!

    I had to transfer a few Vienna licenses from one USB key to another via eLC Control Center. The first three worked flawlessly but the fourth one got lost (error!!). I tried to "Recover" via eLC CC and it gave error -> had to reboot. Tried again to no avail. If I try the USB keys individually (removing all but one) then Recover -> message that there was nothing to recover. Tried the other key - the same. Put them both back in: error again!!

    Conclusion: I have lost a license (SecondEdition). It is ot neither keys anymore. Please help - what would be the next step?

    I downloaded the latest drivers, eLC, updated the database, etc.

    Windows 7/64bit.


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    Hi Catalin,

    Sorry to hear about that!

    I'm sure we will get you up and running in no time.

    First, I will send you a 48 hours demo license via email to your registered email address, as this is an emergency.

    Using this demo license you can bridge the time until the situation is resolved.

    Which keys are involved in the lost license? You can read the key number either on the key itself or in eLicenser Control Center. Also, which error messages exactly did you get? Which version of eLicenser Control Center are you using on which operating system? Have you tried connecting the involved keys directly to the computer, without an USB hub? These USB hubs can sometimes cause problems like that, especially if they're unpowered.

    I'd try to get the most recent version of eLicenser Control Center, reboot, connect only the involved keys directly to the computer, and click on "Maintenance" in the upper right corner. Does that help? If not, please contact us with as many information and screenshots as possible at .



  • Thank you Stefan...Yes, I have tried everything you mentioned.

    I already got an email from the Vienna Support and sent back the USB keys' serials. I am waiting for an asnwer.

    In the meanwhile it would be great if you could send me the 48 hours license for the Vienna Special Edition DVD collection.

  • Hi Catalin, 

    Just sent you a demo license to bridge the time. 



    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  • It turns out my (older generation) Steinberg USB key got corrupted.

    I just wanted to thank Vienna team for an fantastic custommer support!! I got all the licenses replacements very fast and loaded them all onto a working (new generation) USB key. All good now [:D]

  • Hello! Did you have to pay, as some people said they did? Were the licenses sent via eMail? Did you have to get a new key? That's only three questions; seventeen to go.