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  • Cubase users...How do YOU connect to VE Pro??

    Is it through VST Instruments? Because if you do it that way you can't have instrument tracks...only midi and audio correct? or... Do you host a VE Pro instance on a instrument track? Because if you do it that way then you can only have one sound per VE Pro connect correct? How can I use Cubase with VE Pro using only instrument tracks. I want many, many instrument tracks but only 5 or 6 VE Pro connections(each connection has the default 16 midi in and 32 audio out. I don't want to have 2 tracks(separate midi and audio) for every sound. I would like them both to be on an instrument track. But I have a very large template with many sounds. The main reason I'm switching over to Cubase 6 is the expression maps. Any solutions? Thank you in advance :)

  • I'm afraid that what you want is not possible. It's either many VE Pro instances using Instrument tracks, which will bog down your computer, or a few instances and suffer having many VSTi Outputs.

    One solution is to do your mixing in VE Pro, and then you can make do with far fewer VSTi Outputs, or even only one...!

    FWIW Steinberg has stated that at some point in the future Instrument tracks will become multi timbral, but unfortunately there has been no date mentioned.


  • So how does your setup look? A bunch of midi tracks in folders and then a bunch of audio tracks in folders. Isn't it annoying playing from a midi track and having the sound come out somewhere far away?

  •  The sound comes out of my monitors, no matter where the tracks are. [;)]

    I understand what you're saying, but there is absolutely no reason that you have to see the VSTi Outputs to mix anyway. You could always enable the Volume automation lane under the MIDI track. Where it can be a pain is if you want to add loads of insert effects. However, there is nothing to stop you dragging the VSTi Outputs and placing them underneath the requisite MIDI tracks, if you really need to see them whilst you're writing.


  • Last question I promise...thank you so much DG! But you need to adjust levels constantly when your composing...lets say you need to bring down the brass in a do you DG go about that? Do you adjust the midi levels or audio? Are you audio track next to your midi one...meaning violins I midi then Violins I audio...then Violins II midi, then Violins II audio and back and forth. Or do you have all your audio tracks completely separate from your midi tracks? If thats the case, isn't it a pain to adjust level because you have record enable on trumpets say, and you know they need to be lower in the mix, but now you have to go find the audio track for trumpets to make the correction. So how do you personally do it? Thank you ;)

    1. If I need to bring down the Brass, I alter the volume of the Brass Group channel that I have already set up.
    2. Other channels I do by MIDI automation CC7. No need to use the VSTi Outputs.