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  • System Recommendation for VSL (Apple)

    Hi all. I've been slogging along for years using my Special Edition and Extended libraries on my ancient G5 with 8GB or RAM, but am about to upgrade to an 8-Core. I've been out of touch with VSL innovations for awhile, so I'm interested in what system layout is working best with VSL. I'll be upgrading from Logic 8 to 9. I'm assuming VSL is Lion-compatible, but should I set it up for 32 or 64 bit? And how much RAM can VSL access with these newer systems? Thanks for any recommendations, or links to other similar threads.

    Sean McCoy

  •  I'm hearing some recommendations from Logic 9 users to stay with Snow Leopard 64 bit. Which OS is the current VSL software happier with?

  • Windows 7 64-bit :).  Sorry, I just couldn't resist!!!  :)

  •  Well, I am a dual-platform kinda guy, but Logic is my sequencing platform, and that presents certain problems with regards to Windows...

  • I myself if I had to choose, would be a little reluctant to run Lion right now if this machine is any way vitally important for you.  It's just to new.  Even the most powerful users of Logic I see haven't moved their machines up yet.  I know the main people at logicprousers are still on Leopard and Snow Leopard.

    If it were me, I would probably really be itching to throw that new OS on my machine, but in reality if you want to absolutely be sure it works Snow Leopard is probably a better option.  There are quite a few MAC OS users on here, hopefully one of them will chime in about their Lion experiences.  I know the pain of spending countless hours, days and weeks installing and building a new machine to only have it not work properly and have to start over.  Are you a risk taker?  Go for Lion.  Do you want certainty it's going to work?  Go for Snow Leopard until Lion proves out a while.

    Good luck on your choice.


  • Thanks, Maestro. I'm a risk-taker in some areas, but not this one! Since I'm likely to be buying a used Mac, I think I may focus my search on systems with Snow Leopard. Though it would be nice to hear an opinion from somebody at VSL.

  • well, saying that Lion is too new and saying indirectly that leopard is an option - hmmm, I would not follow that argumentation. snow leopard was a great OS and I think it is definitely still an option. Leopard was the worst version of OSX. On macs you can easily configure two partitions, one with snow leopard and one with Lion. I would go that way. The OS itself and programs do not take that much space, most space is taken by samples and other files, so you can keep OS partitions reasonably sized.

    just my thoughts 


  • Definitely an option to consider, thanks. I haven't gotten a lot of opinions either way, but the general consensus for users of Logic and Native Instruments stuff is that it's wise to stay with Snow Leopard for now. Are you using VSL in Lion?