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  • Vienna Imperial - how to get a decent staccato/staccatissimo

    With the recent update something discovered earlier came back to my attention:

    How do I get really short notes out of it? I love the tone and everything, but I find it impossible to get decent staccato! Even when I play staccatisimo it doesn't sound staccato. Am I doing something wrong here? In Guy's demos, like the Chopins, you really don't miss it that much. But playing something like Mozart Sonatas this becomes obvious as hell! Of course i know, a grand piano has a diffrent kind of staccato sound (especially in the lower register), but even the "grandest" piano you get this pointed kind of staccato sound when you play like it. Would it be possible ot update this? I have seen, other developers have recorded seperate (RR) staccato patches. I like the fact, that VSL tried to make it one instrument, but I really miss that sound!

  • Hmmm! Nobody seems to care ... am I really the only one who finds that problematic? Or has this been posted before? I did try the search engine, but couldn't find anything regarding Imperial staccato.

    At least, I would like to know, why nobody seems to miss that. Do you think, that staccato sound is to be expected by a grand piano? I admitt, I haven't played on a concert grand for a long time! But I have done so and I cannot remember the sataccato to staccatissimo sounding so "wobbly". Or maybe it's some settings to adjust, I couldn't figure out ...

    Well, any reply would be much appreciated!

  •  To make the piano more "aggresive", keep the reverb very low, use player position, and make sure that your keyboard is actually sending high velocity values.  There are a lot of layers on Vienna Imperial,  you need the high velocity ones to bite.

    Don't try to EQ for a solution, that generally does not solve it.  I have got my piano sound into a complete mess at times by bad settings in MIR,  but when you get it all right, it's spot on.

    Also, be sure it's not just a latency thing, giving the perception of lack of attack, due to the notes sounding several milliseconds late. (although that would not be relevant on MIDI playback from a sequencer).

  • It is not that no one cares. I use Ivory II for pianos and VSL for other instruments.

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    @bhartmann said:

    It is not that no one cares. I use Ivory II for pianos and VSL for other instruments.

    Well, I hope this is not the official VSL-reply. I do not have Ivory II although I have played Ivory I years ago. I think the Vienna Boesendorfer has a really nice and detailed sound, which I haven't heared from any other VSTi piano. It's just not suitable for any style as it is now. IMO they should do something about it (update). The per note EQ was honestly the last thing I would have found very important to add as a feature. What about working on that staccato sound and maybe implementing half pedaling, VSL?

  •  I also fail to understand what the EQ per note was all about, I have never found it required or useful,  what was the thought process for this? It was quite an involved update, but did anybody want it?  A couple of retuned notes would have been a more welcome update.