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  • VIpro2 APP sequencer requests

    Working with the new VIpro2 APP sequencer I have 2 request.

    1. The absolute need of a midi out future that allows the music generated inside the sequencer to be exported/saved to a notation program for further development. That request was already sent by me to you in a previous post.

    2. Importing my midi files into  the VIpro2 APP sequencer works fine. I notice that by cloning the imported Midifile in the first sequence cell it duplicates it to the other sequence cells. That is nice if you later deactivate the specific sequence cell and edit the notes to produce manually variations from the original material. In your chord matrices you had different sequence cells with root, inv.,1, inv. 2, 7th positions for the chords. I understand that those are preprogrammed by you but I was wondering if there would be any possibility th have an automatic intelligent feature inside VIpro2 APP sequencer that allows to "transform" the first sequence cell imported midi file into variations of it with all these inversions you have in the chord and repetition matrices.

    In other words, imagine I load a midifile with 5 melodic/chordal lines in it, once I clone this music from the first sequence cell into the rest of the cells I will apply the" transformation future", my bass line in sequence cell 2 would transform into inv 1 of the chord, my bass line in cell 3 would transform into inv 2 of the chord etc. and all the rest of the 12 sequence cells inversions and variations of the basic chord structure will transform as well....

    That in my opinion would be an interesting addition to produce automatic transformations of a given music material for music creation and experimentation and will speed up time when you want to create variations in a fast way.

    best regards

  • I need to add something:..

    Adding the possibility to automate polyphonic and monophonic mode via midi CC or something else...  I think it would be an easy add-on for you,  VSL team,  but SO pratical for us the users...

    Because for now the only way to change between poly and mono is to load a new instance of VI Pro...  It's not pratical at all.  [:S]

    Thank you,