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  • A lot of love for MIR Pro & Vienna team


    I just thought that for a change, it would be great to post a THANK YOU message to the whole Vienna team. Wining posts just get me nuts!

    As a happy owner of MIR Pro since 3 days after a week of testing I have a lot of regrets... for not getting it earlier! [:D]

    I must say, this is truly the most amazing piece of software I have (and I have a lot) and the work of art and love and passion by itself.

    Everyone who is serious about orchestral music, and even not orchestral, should not live without it nowadays.

    From interface to the depth of editing, it just yields care and passion. And the room packs... well, astonishing. Teldex room isn't going anywhere from my computer from now on!

    I could go on and on, but the most revealing for me is the fact that I really can focus on the music once the template is done and done.I even begin to register my concert music which was kind of impossible. (Just get those LASS strings :))))

    Thank you for MIR, expression maps, and of course all the libraries which are well... of unearthly quality.

    Big big big thank you for all that! You are truly the artists with passion in every detail.

    Very best,


    PS. I'm a rare poster, but couldn't help it. Sorry [:D]

  • Huh! *blush* Thank you, Shandor!

    Sometimes I can hardly believe myself that all of this became reality. :-) ... You know - people shook their heads in disbelieve when I tried to delineate the basic concepts of MIR about eight or nine years ago.

    All credit goes to the guys who had the persistency to make MIR happen: Herb Tucmandl (who just said something incredibly cool ;-) like, "Ok, let's do it!" when I approached him with the idea the very first time), Martin Rajek (who designed MIR's basic architecture, and who was kind of my mental "sparring partner" until 2008), the ingenious software engineers Florian Walter, Karel Bassez and Martin Saleteg (who managed to cast those vast amounts of crazy ideas into code that actually _works_), and about two more dozens of people who are (hopefully) all mentioned in MIR's credits - most notably Heinz Repper, who was the visionary technical director of Vienna Konzerthaus back then (he literally invited us to "abuse" the wonderful halls of this building).

    ... I can assure you that we understand enthusiastic feedback like yours as a call for enduring further development.

    Thanks again,

    /Dietz - Vienna Symphonic Library
  • + 1000

  • Well, Mr Dietz and the whole team, this visionnary software (and it sounds almost offensive to call it the same name as Word and iThings c..p) is truly a huge leap forward for all the musicians.

    Not to make you blush again, but reading this forum, sorry you have to deal with some of my collegues customers with should we say impenetrable sense of being abused somehow or... well, I'll stop there. But IMHO your brains (and the ones of your team) would be of a better use in creating and perfecting, than just battling and repeating things.

    Anyway, MIR is not perfect... just like any other work of art. It will never be understood  or put in a good use by everybody. Speaking for myself, I found my missing link and it's just one of those things when you say: hmm... how did I do that before without it!

    I'll make sure to read once again the credits of MIR. I'm also certain the team who can create this, must be absolutely unique and fantastic and don't need an extra motivation because your passion is infectous.

    Keep up and have an amazing year! Oh, and take some holidays sometimes, for God's sake. [:D]



  • I do agree MIR is A GREAT SOFTWARE.

    But PLEASE can we have guidance to troubleshout the clicks, clacks, note not in time, missing notes, hanging notes, Logic I/O errors

    I have spend yesterday another 5 hours all my track using your AU and I still having problems

    Thanks in advance



    MacBook Pro M3 MAX 128 GB 8TB - 2 x 48" screen --- Logic Pro --- Mir Pro 3D --- Most of the VI libs, a few Synch... libs --- Quite a few Kontakt libs --- CS80 fanatic
  • +1000 from me, too!

    MIR Pro is just mega awesome and the quality of the VSL libraries is really outstanding. If own almost every common library from other vendors, too and almost all of them have lots of issues and I'm wondering how most of them could have ever passed any quality gate. Lots of programming, bad samples and/or tuning issues. When I buy a VSL lib I can be almost 100% sure that I get supreme quality.

    Thanks a lot for that!


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    @shandor said:

    I must say, this is truly the most amazing piece of software I have (and I have a lot) and the work of art and love and passion by itself.


    I absolutely agree with this.  Though I've now used VSL and the other related software they've created for years now, I am still simply blown away by the genius behind the programming, recording, interface, and general design of the software. MIR Pro puts so many things that are difficult about mixing into one system, of true simplicity and elegance.  

    Also, your point about passion - that is the most important.  It is true about the whole VSL library and why I keep on wanting to support everything they do.  It is a devotion to pure music that comes through.  Not just making some money by exploiting musicians, but being faithful to the original great musical sound of the fine players who were recorded.  That I find very inspiring for new composition in itself.  When for example you load up the trombone ensemble, you have "your trombones" ready and waiting to play anything you imagine.   It is such a pure representation of the essence of "trombones."  And that same thing applies to all the instruments they recorded.  It is amazing, and a truly inspiring creation. 

  • If you ever used and tried to compose and produce music on the available samples and software during the 1980s you would be truely astounded by what the VI Pro 2 and MIR Pro 5 softwares are able to do. It is an amazing musical environment to work in. Thanks to everyone who made this possible.

    Stephen W. BEatty   

  •  + 198721987 to this topic!  [:D]

    Mir Pro is UNBELIEVABLE!  Thank you to Dietz and the Vienna team!  We are so lucky that a group of passionates people like you

    creates products like this (and the samples of course that are UNBELIEVABLE too)!

    When I have problems I come here immediatly to ask some help (and complain [:D])...  So let's not forget to thank you for all the things that you create for us and that are VITALS!

    I cannot imagine if VSL wouldn't exist...  It would be so much pain  [:D]...  TOP-quality samples,  TOP-REVOLUTIONNARY software,  TOP-quality service to the costumers,,,

    A big thank you again!


  • Houra & Cheers! Where's my glasse of champaign? Oh well... It was yesterday.[+o(]

    I think we'll be getting back very soon to this topic after the next MIR update.

    Hopefully soon (?[:#] I know it's a shameless way to ask, count it for those last unforgiving champaign bubbles)