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  • String runs 'contest' (downbow-upbow) - your votes please!

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    I have made some examples of fast down- and upbow scales for violins here*. I was interested how different string libraries (in this case the violins) would behave in these situations. It concerns four scales upwards and downwards over more than two octaves.
    Velocity settings: from 50 to 125 upwards and back to 50 downwards. Verb used: QL-Spaces, Northwest Hall TS FR 2.6.
    To make things not too complicated I have indicated when a track is non-layered, layered (2 libraries) or even more layered (3/4). I have done my best (with limited time as always) to choose the best patches for the different tempo settings: some libraries offer more articulations than others (which doesn't mean that this is always necessary imho).

    To prevent listening with the common prejudice (as I would do myself also, I guess) I have decided to make it a kind of "blind" test. In this context it seemed interesting to me how other people rate these tracks. So I have included a nice star rate contest: you can give (anonymously of course) your vote to each of the tracks (only once). After voting you will be rewarded with the outcome of your contribution and those of others.

    Within two weeks I will give away all specific details. Only one of the libraries had to be a bit positively manipulated (EQ) because of evident recognition on forehand btw. Anyway VSL Orchestra Strings is also nominated!

    So readers of this forum: your votes please............