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  • Problem with Channel Presets in new VEP Build

    Can someone confirm that channel presets are working with KOntakt 5 and the latest VEP build? I can't seem to get it happening. Kontakt now hangs with a message "Creating Cache File... Please Wait". Didn't see this behavior before the update. Thanks-

  • If I "preserve" the instance while kontakt is hanging and then "disconnect" it kontakt un-hangs and the preset channel appears. hmmmm...

  • bump Was reading over in a different forum that something to do with how Kontakt "calls events" causes this... but I didn't see this behavior before this last VEP update. Can we unbreak it? thanks-

  • Ok I have reverted now to the previous VEP 5 Build and this problem has gone away.  Was really looking forward to the multiport Logic thing but I think I need my VEP kontakt 5 presets to work more than I need the ports.  Looking forward to the next build.