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  • MIDI performance without metronome

    Hi everyone. I am desperately trying to find an efficient way to record a MIDI performance without metronome and sync the sequencer's click track after using various techniques in either Logic Pro or Ableton Live. I know how to do it. However, I believe it is a time consuming process and not a natural thing to do with modern sequencers (I mean it is a natural process to record a MIDI performance with a click and quantize it after etc...). Can anyone recommend a quick way to overcome this issue. ~ Thanks

  • Just play it in and then beat map. The two best sequencers for this are Cubase and DP, but you should be able to do it adequately, if a little slower, in Logic. Basically all you have to do is record a MIDI note on every beat, and then you should be able to create a tempo map automatically.

    FWIW I have to do this fairly often, particularly when working as an orchestrator, because many composers like to switch the click off and just "massage" their performance until it fits the picture.


  • DG is right.  Beat mapping is what you need and is in Logic Pro.  I used to do this all the time in Logic when I used it.  Youtube also has some tutorial videos on how to do it (just search for beat mapping Logic Pro).


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