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  • MIDI Learn?

    Does VEP 5 support MIDI Learn on Mixer Faders?

  • Yes it does. You can access the feature from the Automation Mapping window (F5).

  • Thank you Karel. Works perfectly.


  • Can you midi learn the tempo? -Manny

  • No, but the tempo will be linked to the master host when using the VE Pro Server, so you can control it from there. If you're using the VE Pro standalone application you can use a MIDI Clock source to control the tempo (this can be activated in the MIDI preferences for an available MIDI port).

  • Yes, it's the VE Pro standalone. Can it be controlled by either Axiom 49 (2nd Gen) or the LPD8? (I have both)

  • Any MIDI device capable of sending out standard MIDI Clock messages will do the trick.

  • Got it! Thanks. Also, I see the tempo on the bottom right-hand can I change that manually?

  • working! thanks!

  • Hello!

    I try to use the Midi Clock sync in VE Pro 5 (standalone). It may work for a while, then VE freezes and often I can't even "ctrl-alt-delete" my way out of it. Only way is to turn off the computer. Very brutal...

    Does anybody have any idea what might cause this? I get by with manual change for now, but it would be nice to this automated with midi clock.

    Best regards,

    Fredrik Lidin

    P.S. I have VE Pro 5 and my sample libraries on a separate computer. The computer is a VSL-X2 from XI-machines with 24GB of RAM. I want to run VE standalone since I control the VSL computer from a Mac with Logic and then the audio gets recorded in a third computer running SSL hardware/software. D.S.