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  • UPDATE: VE PRO 5.0.10068

    Hello everybody, 

    A new update for VE PRO 5 is available for you in the User Area. Please check the changelog for details. 

    You will find an alternative solution to create multiple ports in Logic, with a detailed description on pages 35 and following in the VE PRO 5 Manual version 2.2. 

    A Matrix Mixer Plug-in has been added (page 29 in the manual), the space bar will activate the Start/Stop button in Pro Tools, and many many bugfixes are waiting for you.

    We´d like to thank you for all your bug reports and constructive ideas! Keep them coming [:)]



    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  • Thank you Vienna! [^]

  • Wow, so many fixes, you guys are amazing!

    Thank you!

  • Nice update.  Thanks.

    Would it be possible to get a copy of the unprotected macros used in the VEP Multiport file?  I'd like to see how you did this.

  • Great update, guys!!!

    The new Logic environment is awesome and a great timesaver!


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    @dbudde said:

    Would it be possible to get a copy of the unprotected macros used in the VEP Multiport file?  I'd like to see how you did this.

    Never mind.  I figured it out.

    By the way, it is possible to eliminate the Split and Combine transformers in your Port macros if you change the Meta,

    NRPN1 and NRPN2 transformers in the following way:

    Meta:  Change the mode to "Copy matching events and apply operation (reverse order)"

    NRPN1:  Set the condition to match the Meta value defined in the Meta transformer

    NRPN2:  Change the mode to "Copy matching events and apply operation", set the condition to match the control value set in NRPN1.

  • Hi thanks for the update! I followed the directions in the PDF and got it all setup with Logic Pro. However I notice I cannot bounce midi regions in place as I was able to do with the original method. Is this correct? The main issue I've been having with VEP is that when I 'bounce in place' within Logic the wav always bounces a tad late. I've been searching for over a year for a solution. I was hoping this new approach with the environment would help, but I don't seem to have the option to bounce in place which is essential for my method of working. For now I just magnify/move the wav to the right spot. Time consuming but I don't know another way. Thanks for the update though!

  • Still can't get any surround inputs into ProTools besides 1-6.  Out 7-12, Out 13-18, Out 19-24, Out 25-30 all show up as available in an 5.1 Aux, but they are not able to be selected.  

  • Can't wait to set this up this evening and take another crack at implementing more than 16 tracks in Logic, thanks to Paul and the VSL team for working through our frustrations with us and providing a VEPRO 5 update very quickly!

  •  This update doesn't work with Relabs LX480...hopefully he'll port to 64 bits.  Win 7 64 bit using 32 bit Ensemble