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  • chord matrices

    I would like to make my own chord matrices to complement those which are included in the Special editions and in Appassionata strings . I do not really see how I can do this. I would like to have them exactly the same with the same options and possibilities as the built-in ones. How do you go about doing this? For one thing I already do not even see how to save a matrix, the only options in the matrix list are copy, paste and clear.

    Cheers, Bob.

  • Either this is a completely stupid question or an impossible problem?

  • How to save a preset or matrix is explained in the manual, page 25. Working with the sequencer is explained on pages 28-35. A good way to start would be to adjust the already provided chord presets from Herb. There is an endless amount of possibilities with the sequencer, I'd be glad to help you out, but you would have to be a bit more specific in your questions.

  • Thanks a lot Martin, much appreciated. Let me start with the instructions on page 25

    •1. Drag & drop matrix into matrix slot or matrix area to load.

    1. OK

    2. This I do not understand. If I double click then  the name becomes writable, that's all. Does writing a new name overwrite the original matrix? Create a new one? Where is this new matrix in the file system (or in the preset/matrix/patch window)?

    3. Is this the button completely on the other side in the lower right corner?

    4. OK, I guess this is the button in the right lower corner.

    5. OK, I guess this is the button below the matrix list.

    6. OK

    7. OK

    Once I am sure about the procedure to create a copy of a given matrix I will look into the other points. Thanks a lot!

    Cheers, Bob.

  • OK, I got it. In one and the same sentence the word matrix is being used for different things, for the indication in the list of matrices and for the indication in the browser. It is on the one in the browser that double-clicking overwrites the matrix and then changes the indication in the matrix list.

    Cheers, Bob.