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  • StageScape M20d

    Have a look at 'Touchscreen Visual Mixing' and 'Total Scene Recall'! A little crude for our purposes at the moment, but I feel the concept is quite sound and elegant, perhaps useful for late-stage mixing - who knows? In any case, I thought it was a very interesting idea that could in time be implemented for symphonic music; it made me think of a conductor's point of view - some things perhaps could be done more intuitively than in today's 'Arrange' and 'Mixer' pages...

  • Ensemble + MIR Pro with a touchscreen monitor is all you need and will make this look like a Fisher Price toy.[;)]

  • I hate touch screens for mixing. There is no tactile feel at all. I think there needs to be a 3D element, and a tactile 3D element at that, before it could be considered as a professional mixing tool.


  • As I see it one would not have to use screen-faders/knobs, that would still be done on hardware, but imagine how quickly you would just tap at a problematic group or instrument, and its controls would just pop-up on the screen to be hardware manipulated. Also multiple selection would be a breeze, for identical changes in settings. Perhaps MIR could be thusly featured...

  •  Have you looked at the Tango? It already does that sort of thing.