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  • Amplitube 3 consistently crashes VEP using its 'browse disk'

    Instant crash. VEP 4 or 5, version number would be the 9735, 9753. I doubt that matters. I can browse the presets by clicking forward or back, but my presets would be found browsing the folder.

    this is not a great big deal for me though, I'm kind of cutting my losses with IK. I guess this would take some co-ordination with them. Their awareness of VEP is low to no-exist. Also AT2 quits working a lot in every version of VEP I've ever used it in, and often doesn't work upon a new launch of VEP. Additionally, when they updated the T-Racks singles to a version that runs as x64, they changed the identifier so all instances of VEP fail to load any of those plugins (presented with that, one of their reps said to me, 'well their implementation is wrong'), so their stuff is very high maintenance here. Just a heads-up basically.

    EDIT: I am talking about in x64 server, I didn't include that info.

  • Love to get an update on this. It has been noted since November last year without any acknowledgement from VSL.

  • Try Amplitube in the 32bit version of the Server - browsing and all operations normal.

    When posted on the IK forum, my post was removed.  Avid DUC made the 32 bit suggestion - THANK YOU!!

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    great. the only reason I would use it really (I have only the free version) is x64.

    @treason said:

    When posted on the IK forum, my post was removed.

    As I said, I'm cutting my losses with them.

  • but anyway, thanks for that update. I wonder is it more stable than AT2 in VE Pro...

    IK is my least favorite vendor, bar none.

  • Never used AT2, used GR3&4 beforehand ... however, AT3 blows the Native Instruments guitar processing away in terms of realism and dynamics.  Much more lively sound from Amplitube 3.

    That said - I'm not that familiar with IK - and other than them removing my post (without any answers), and not getting any hints from anyone on any forum other the the AVID DUC ... I have no info on them.  

    Again - thank you to the AVID DUC for pointing me in the right direction.