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  • VI Pro 2 crashes

    I recently bought VI Pro 2 but never got it to run. Here is what happens: 1. Start VI Pro 2 (standalone). 2. A dialog titled "ASIO Direct Sound Full Duplex Driver" appears: "Impossible to record because Audio Input is not active...". I don't really use the Full Duplex driver but the Yamaha FW ASIO driver that came with my audio interface, a Steinberg MR 816 csx. 3. Click OK. VI Pro 2 starts. In order to set the audio preferences correctly, I click on the "Preferences" button in VI Pro 2 and it immediately crashes with the usual Windows dialog box "Vienna Instruments Pro Standalone Executable has stopped working". No further information or log is given. I have no problem with the audio interface or driver in any other application (Cubase 6, Native Instruments Ultimate, ... they all work just fine, only VI Pro 2 does not). System: Windows 7 Ultimate x64 with SP 1, Intel Core i7 X980, 24 GB RAM Audio interface: Steinberg MR 816 csx (Firewire), all drivers current Couldn't find anything relevant to this problem on the forum and would be quite happy if someone from VSL could help in getting the software to run. Wolfgang