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  • Are DIVISI strings essentials?

    POST destroyed,  i did my choice  [H]

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    @Vincent M said:

    I want more strings to be able to have first and second violons

    Don't know for SE collection but, all DVD strings collection now have a second violins patches. It's in the last library update.

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    @Vincent M said:

    APP for first violons,  ORCH for second violins,  CHAM for divisi in all the strings sections...  What do you guy think about this?

    Honestly,  i'm hesitating between this combo and Hollywood strings...

    Hollywood strings is comparable to APP Strings. For Divisi strings there's LA Scoring strings. But VSL generally have much more articulations and programing flexibilty in VI Pro 2 are unsurpassed. 

    I'm thinking to buy LASS for divisi parts but I will wait's to see what VSL are coming with. Maybe Dimension strings who knows?


  • POST destroyed,  i did my choice  [H]

  •  Can't see this patch - how is it identified?



  • Can't speak for SE version. The library updates needs to be installed. Under user area / DVD instruments / Library updates.