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  • Updating VI Appassionata Strings I

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    Hello all

    I tried to update VI Appassionata Strings I with the file found in the DVD Library Updates

    Appassionata Strings I DVD Library Update 2.7 MB 2011-12-13 10:50

    First point :

    I followed the Instructions:

    • Download all Library Updates for your registered Vienna Instruments Collections. => DONE
    • Then open the Directory Manager and drag the zipped files on top of it. => DONE
    • The Library Update process will start right away => EXACT MEANING ?
    • , and will give you a report when finished. => NOTHING LOOKING LIKE A REPORT

    Second point :

    Is there somewhere explained what this update is supposed to do ?
    An update is generally made to fix bugs, or to improve one or another function. Is this different for VI ?
    Or maybe it's just for Ap Strings I extended, how could I know ?

    Thank you

  • These updates are meant to take advantage of VIP 2. Unless you are a VIP 2 user, I don't think there is a difference, esp if you are only using the standard library.

    If you are not using VIP 2, I highly recommend it.



  • Thank you Mike

    Well, I am a bit confused by your Post :
    "These updates are meant to take advantage of VIP 2". I supposed it's Vienna Pro 2. I don' use VIP2, so : I don't need this update.
    "If you are not using VIP 2, I highly recommend it." You mean "If you are not using VIP 2, I highly recommend it."?

    This does not answer my questions :

    How do I know the update is OK as I did not get any report, as mentioned ?
    How could I know this is for VIP2 users ?

    Thank you

  •  Becuase it says "Attention: You need the latest versions of the Vienna Instruments / Vienna Ensemble software installed on your system to run the new Library Updates."

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  • It is a little difficult to figure out, but if you look you will see update manuals for Vienna Instruments Pro 2 along with the library updates. The updates include presets and matrices that take advantage of VIP 2 capabilities, such as the APP sequencer, time stretching, auto humanize, etc. They include chord matrices, sequenced runs, arps, to name a few. Since I own Appassionnata 1 and 2 full versions and VIP 2, I'm not sure what, if anything, would be new to someone in your situation (no extended library; no VIP 2.)

    My experience with installing the library updates is simply dragging the file into directory manager, it begins to process (says something like "updating library"), and then it completes.With the most recent updates, they appear as VIP 2 presets alongside the older ones, and new matrices such as the chord matrices.

    I meant if you are using the regular Vienna Instruments, I highly recommend purchasing Vienna Instruments Pro 2. Try running the demo. Auto humanize alone makes it worth it--and there is way way more.


  • OK, I feel much better now that I know buying one VSL product "encourages" you to buy one more, and more, and... [:D][:D]
    Anyway, I will follow your advice and see what this VIP2 looks like.

    Thanks again

    But still, if nothing happens when you drag the file in Directory Manager, it means 1. the update did not happen 2. you don't need this update ??
    I know I am a bit insistant, but an update for Appassionata is not an update for VIP2. Maybe s.o from Vienna could give some light.

  • The update isn't to fix anything--it's to provide matrices and presets that take advantage of the new technology. In other words, if you don't have this technology, and don't want it, then the library presets and matrices you already have should "work" perfectly.

    I don't know if your library is updating or not. Hard to tell being that I don't think you would see those presets and/or matrices within the regular Vienna Instruments. Having said that, contacting VSL support is always a good idea. They certainly know much much more than me. I personally have never  used the standard Vienna Instruments.

    I wouldn't say that they are encouraging you to buy more and more, unless you are encouraged by the quality. VIP 2 is easily the best sample host out there. It allows you to work with your VSL libraries on a whole other level. It doesn't make sense for a product of its quality to be free--and it doesn't make sense to invest a lot of money in VSL libraries and not invest in the software. That's not to say that you need MIR Pro, Vienna Suite, etc. but VIP 2 is pretty rudimentary.  Sorry I couldn't be of more help.


  • Also, make sure that you have the most recent version of Vienna Instruments before you try the library update. Go here: