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    Hi everybody New to VSL, I have just discovered the Vienna Academy, a really great place to understand what an instrument is able to do, and how it sounds exactly. The second thing is a question about VSL Demos. From time to time I, in User Area or elsewhere, is a link for a demo : Is there a place on this site where all the demos files are listed, instead of finding them by chance ? Thank you WHY can't I write a Post with "Return" which leaves a blank line ? All my text is compacted on a single line whatever I do.

    1.  You can find the demos on either the product pages or in the Demo Zone. Just click the links at the top of the forum.
    2. Go to Profile/Community/Content Editor and set it to Enhanced.


  • Demo Zone...Stupid me ! [^o)]
    Thanks again, DG...

  • One might add that there are also several product-specific demo pieces that are listed only on the respective product sub-pages of our site, e.g.

    Kind regards,

    /Dietz - Vienna Symphonic Library