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  • Layering libraries with VSL?

    I am wondering what libraries (VSL & 3rd party) people recommend for layering with VSL?

  • I use LASS and Symphobia 1 & 2.


  • The problems I've found with layering other libraries with VSL are:

    1) the overall musical quality is degraded by any other current library

    2) you have to use another interface, all of which are inferior to the Vienna Ensemble/Instrument/MIR GUIs which are the best that have ever been created for orchestral sound.

    Within VSL however, it is good to layer the Solo strings with Appassionata - something that has become a favorite of many composers.  Also, the Chamber and Orchestral strings work wonders for divisi and additional colors.  And the Chamber have developed a new useage as "In your Face Urban" strings as well as the more traditional Baroque uses. 

    Also, Dimension Brass have become a go-to brass section  in themselves, as well as a layered divisi addition to the other VSL brass solo/ensembles.

  • There are many times that I have to agree with William.  There have been many times that to my ears it sounded awesome layering them all.  But before I ever finally finish a project, I take a few days or a week away from it and then go back to it.  There have been many times that the sound wasn't as good as I thought (clear).  It was over powered and muddy (and sometimes LASS can really make it sound out of tune which annoys me).  Simply removing all the layered non VSL strings fixed this in most of the cases.  There were times when that huge sound was what I was after though and without them was impossible to get that unique layered sound.  Having these additional libraries gives me more options is all.  It's not always needed, it's a personal preference really.