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  • VIP GUI lag under RDC?

    Hey all in Vienna,

    I've been updating my template this week to take advantage of VIP2 and I've noticed that the GUI lags significantly behind any inputs (including mouse clicks) when it is playing anything. About 2 minutes after any playing has stopped the lag disappears.

    It's worth mentioning that I am using MS RDC to access the slave machine with VEP & VIP2 on it.

    Every other VST hosted on the same machine has no problem (VI, Kontakt, G-Player, Omnisphere).

    Anu idea how I can fix this?


  • Are you 100% sure it's ONLY on Rdc? I mean, if you plug up a local monitor/mouse does it not drag? Ive been working with Martin to optimize the GUI's CPU usesge on Windows. It's the only VI I own that Shows any increase in CPU usesge just displaying on screen--minimize it, the CPU usesge goes away. 

    RDC is using a special terminal services video driver...thus, I would think its related. If the GUI hits the host CPU hard, having a terminal session convert it to that transport is going to be even harder on the system. 

    I really wish they would gut the GUI and start fresh with an API call based, reSizable win32 GUI. The Instrument itself is magical, and SUPER CPU efficient. The GUI is a resource hog--albeit a bit less of one with the latest beta build. Still, why it uses so much CPU where bfd2, Kontakt, B4, Atmosphere, and any other doesn't use any noticeable CPU time, is a significant issue. When your GUI takes more than the sample/synth/filter/reverb/pitch dsp, that's an issue. 

    Does it change if you reduce the color depth of the Rdc session?

  • Hi popmann,

    I just tried reducing the colour depth and that did reduce the lag. Unfortunately I can't plug in a screen right now as it would mean a bit too much faffing around and I'm up against a deadline. I will check it in a couple of weeks to see if it makes a difference.

    It does seem that this problem is unique to VIP2 (on my system at least). Anything I can do to help sort it please let me know.


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    Hi Martin,

    @mosso said:

    It does seem that this problem is unique to VIP2 (on my system at least).

    same problem here. The lag is rather terrible. Only VIP2

    (VEP5 server on Win 7 64 bit, RDC from Mac).


  • Maybe you could post you system specs? In this (Rdc) both video card on the Mac and video card/CPU on the PC will factor in. 

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    Hi popmann,

    @popmann said:

    Maybe you could post you system specs?....

    here are the specs on my side:

    Mac: G5 Dual 2.7 GHz (PPC), ATI Radeon X850XT (ATI, R481), OSX 10.5.8, RDC 2.0.1

    PC: 2.66 Ghz i7 920, Gigabyte GVR485MC-1GI (Radeon HD 4850, 1 GB), Win 7 64 bit,

    VE Pro 5.0.9753

    Since the lag is occurring ONLY with VPI, and not with any other plugin (including
    VI), I would suppose the reason is inside VIP...

    Meanwhile I updated to 5.0.10068, but did not yet test regarding the lag issue.


  • It is...but, the system specs should help the team working on it. Thx.