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  • Help! Setting up VEP on slave systems with templates!

    Hello! I am having a real difficult time figuring out how VEP works in relation to templates. Basically I have 2 monster pc slaves; one holds all my East West stuff and another my omnisphere, trillian, Cube etc software. So here's what I want: I want to be able to wake up in the morning, turn on my slaves and have them load up ALL instruments (all articulations) as if I were accessing them on my master system!!! I want to be able to sift through and have everything loaded. how do I achieve this? How do I set up a user-friendly template for this operation? I am currently reading through the manual but it seems to glaze over the specifics of what im looking for (unless I missed it). Thank you kindly in advance, Simon

  • If  you like I can send you my Hollywood Strings s and Hollywood Brass PC template.

  • That would be absolutely fantastic - It will give me the best chance to study how to optimise VEP and answer a lot of questions! can you simply email it too me? (unsure of file size) if so my email is atlaslastdance[at] Does your template make use of all articulations available in the products or is it not feasible to work that way? thank you kindly Simon

  • OK, it's on its way to your email address. 

    No, it is my kind of "best of". The HS patches in particular are way too big tio use every articulation but 90% of what you will want to do can be done with this group IMHO.