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  • Program Change Question

    I'm currently setting up Expression Maps in Cubase 6 using VE-PRO 5.  I'm wanting to use the Program Change option to select between the matrix in VI-PRO within VE-PRO 5.  I can't seem to get the matrixes to switch using Program Change.  I've worked extensively and no new comer to Expression Maps in Cubase and was able to use program change commands in Pro Tools.  I was successful using Key Switches but in my mind, the program change approach should work as well.

    Is there something I should be looking at as to why this is not working or is there a bug using VE-PRO 5 with Cubase 6?

  • Hello Chuck!

    Please notice that Program Change messages do not work with VST3 plugins.

    Best regards,

    Vienna Symphonic Library