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  • Any chance of a Vienna Choir 'Wordbuilder' Library?

    Would love the quality of the Vienna Choir Library with the utility of EWQL Symphonic Choir's Wordbuilder tool, so that we can program our own phrases. Any plans for something similar on the horizon guys?

  • I guess that's a "no" then? :)

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    Never say never [:)]

    We´re still recording every day, all new products will be announced in time in our newsletter!



    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  • As I stated in another post: The instrument profiles for Dimension Brass are in the MIR Pro Dimension Instruments folder and not the Brass folder [:)]

  • Sometimes I am really considering about driving the few meters to the Silent Stage in order to observe what musicians (with what instruments) are coming in and out ...

    But ok, this would be like christmas with all presents already unwrapped ;)

  • Now if they would only actually let you inside to see what they are doing :).  You still have to get through the "VSL Security".  For all we know, Dietz guards the door with a fully automatic assault rifle!  The problem is that you don't realize he has one, because instead he is using Herbs Doepfer keyboard as a trigger to the sniper rifle aimed at the entrance door!  Even worse, it shoots tranquilizer darts that temporarly stun you.  Then they take you prisoner and use you for their experiments!  From what I hear, you are hooked up to headphones, blindfolded and strapped to a table, where they subject you to listening to pyshcological influenced messages.  Herbs voice saying "you will buy all VSL products, you will contact your nearest rep and purchase all of our products, and then all of your dreams will come true.  Without them all of your orchestrations will sound like Maestro2be's, played on a 1980 synthesizer."

    You can see how painful this would be....

    Proceed with caution!


  • Just seeing the amount of people and what they bring in could help ;)

    And if they bring no boxes with them, it is most probably an extension for the choir libray, new flutes, or the players keep their instruments in the Silent Stage ;)



    P.P.S.: [and Edit]So in case i get psychologically influenced to buy more from VSL, I assume my wife can't blame me ... can she?

    P.P.P.S.: Only 2 km from my current place to SIlent Stage .....

  • Well a release of Vienna Choir with Wordbuilder function would be awesome.

    If that has been available I wouldn't had to purchase East West QL Symphonic Choirs last week.

    The idea behind EWQLSC to let a choir sing your own words is simply amazing.

    But that program has also some disadvantages - here a few facts:

    - it lacks the convenience of the VSL products

    - wordbuilder function is limited to ensemble groups (sopranos, altos, tenors, basses, boys)

    - it's built-in language VOTOX is not really suitable for other languages (at the moment I am trying to get best german sound out of it but it's a bit tricky and I often have to compromise)

    - it's not recorded in any kind of "silent stage" (as far as I know) - even when turning off the reverb it sounds a bit wet

    - legato mode doesn't reach the quality of VSL

    Well I hope this will lead you to the conclusion that there is a huge gap in virtually generated music that VSL should urgently fill up with new products. I am convinced that you are the only one who are able to produce virtual instruments that sound as realistic as real instruments... (you almost did with Vienna Imperial)



  •  For a virtual solo singer have a look at Vocaloid Prima and Tonio,  it is as good as technology allows today.