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  • Can you turn off delay compensation with VEPRO 5 Effects?

    I've been experimenting with the new effect send feature in VEPRO 5 which seems to work very well.

    However, I want to use it with a moderately high latency Nebula reverb, and I wondered if there was a way to switch off the inbuilt delay compensation? I don't need it and it's adding unwanted extra latency during live recordings.

    Thanks if anyone knows this!


  • Since the last update (5.0.9753) there is an "Enable Plugin Latency Compensation" option in the VE Pro preferences which can be unchecked.

  • Ah yes there it is under the Instances tab - I missed that. Thanks Karel!

    Now I have the amazingly lush sounding EMT-140 reverb by VNXT Sound (for Nebula) running live on the slave machine. At last! The best reverb I've ever heard, useable during tracking. This is good news indeed!