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    It doesn't seem to work for me...I press space bar and the "play" arrow lightens up for a sec and that's it...nothing happens..any suggestions? Do I need to change something in DP? THanks

  • Unfortunately the feature doesn't work in DP and due to technical limitations in DP I'm not sure we'll ever get it to work. Sorry for the inconvenience.

  • Hi Karel,

    two day ago you wrote that:



  • Bummer...believe it or not that was onr of the main reasons I got the update right away...also Karel the audio/event input doesn't function properly...notes are dropping out randomly all the time....

    Is this going to be resolved anytime soon?


  • In DP you should disable Pre-Gen mode in the Audio Plugins preferences, or the Input plugins will not work properly.

    A MAS version of VE Pro will not solve the transport play/stop functionality. Basically the problem is that DP doesn't seem to process any keyboard events when it's in the background, which is what the feature relies on. The only real benefit of the MAS version is the ability to use multiple MIDI input ports without using the Event Input plugin.