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  • VEP5 and mousewheel


    when running Omnisphere or Trilian in VEP5, in the file browser of the plugins (with endless lists of presets) I cannot use the mousewheel for scrolling. The wheel is working for the faders of VEP, but it is also working in Omnisphere and Trilian when hosted by MiniHost or by SaviHost instead of VEP5, so the problem must be in the combination of Omnisphere and VEP5.

    Not a complete showstopper, but certainly a little annoyance I would not miss if fixed :-)



  • + 1

    As the volume of the track is normaly done in the DAW I would like the Mouse weel to do the scrolling in the mixer

    A "reset ALL volume to 0dB" will be great too

    Why does  "shift" volume is not changing all the volumes of the selected tracks in the mixer window

    If you could do a little review of the VEP5 interface so all modification are constant and are matching the Logic interface

    For instance in Logic :

    - you hold click on a parameter and this show the list of parameters, in VEP you do the right click

    - you do a right click in the environment of Logic it is deleting the object

    The best will be to have a pref menu where you define the keys and actions 

    Thanks in advance



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  • Hi Cyril,

    I was trying to report to the VSL team a possible bug when using Omnisphere in VEP5 pro.

    Personal wishes regarding general improvements of the GUI are a different matter.