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  • VSL Support


    I'm guessing you are swamped with work coming back form the holidays, but I would greatly appriciate if someone in the support department could check up on this support ticket: 96995_49042achd9m4edtl

    I haven't recieved a respons yet and I'm kind of stuck.

    Thank you

  •  Hello Tom,


    I'm sorry for the delayed reply of our support team. I've checked your case and could see, there is ongoing email conversation between our software developers and our technical supports team. So, we'll keep you posted, as soon we have found a solution for your problem.


    I'm sorry for this inconvenience, 

    Kind regards, Michael Hula

  • Thank you for the response Michael!

    I would have appricated being contacted regarding the crash issue. It's 100% reproducable at the moment, and in my case, makes it impossible to work with this version. Are there progress being made? Is this something which only occurs on my system? These things would be good to know when it comes to plan out upcoming work.