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  • Opening *.mir file

    Hello, How can I open *.mir file, please? If I try this, it is opened in the VEPro 5, but the VEPro writes "Project file is invalid or inaccessible". I would like to try open Adventures on Earth BRASS 9_6_09.mir from your websites. If I try to File > Open Project menu in the VEPro, and find the *.mir file, it's gray, and it's not possible to select it for opening. Thanks a lot! Martin

  • You can't open MIR files in MIR Pro, AFAIK.


  • Oh, I see. :-/ Btw: You are right, I tried it in the MIR Pro.

  • Daryl is right - due to all the new features of MIR Pro project files from "legacy" MIR are not compatible, sorry to say so. I had to re-do lots of setups myself ... *sigh*.

    Thanks for your understanding,

    /Dietz - Vienna Symphonic Library
  • What a bummer!

    I just dl'd and listened to Jay Bacal's rendition of "Adventures on Earth" and was completely stunned. I downloaded the demo of MIR Pro just to see how he was able to accomplish the mix only to be dissappointed by this news.

    Any chance of the tutorial being redone in MIR Pro? (And maybe including the instrument files so we can load up the session exactly the same if we own the content) I am SOOOOOO intrigued. The progamming work is masterful and really shows MIR and the VSL libraries in their best light.

    It would be of immeasurable value to be able to study it.

    If not, are there any demos available on the site that have the midi and VEPro/MIR files?

  • Hi Magnumpraw,

    your MIR Pro license should be valid for "legacy" Vienna MIR, too. This means that you could always download and install Vienna MIR side-by-side with MIR Pro for the purpose of studying *.mir-based tutorials. The RoomPacks already available on your system will be usable for both versions, BTW.


    /Dietz - Vienna Symphonic Library
  • Hello Dietz, But the Vienna MIR is for Windows only. If I own Mac OS X only, I can't install the MIR, right? Best regards, Martin

  • Yes, that's right - sorry to say so.

    /Dietz - Vienna Symphonic Library