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  • Chase problem in Cubase 6

    I use controllers to control the matrix. If I start play in the middle of a part in Cubase 6, I will get whatever articulation is in cell A1. This is true even if a have a controller change somewhere earlier in the part. To get the correct articulation, there has to be a controller change after the spot where I start the play. Yes, I have chase checked in the preferences. This problem occurs only when I automate the controllers, which is the way I prefer to work. I'm using VIP within VEP. Mac Pro Lion 10.7.2 Cubase 6.05

  •  Yes,  I get this problem as well with Cubase,  it does seem to have issues locating which automation values to send, when starting in the middle. 

    The main culprite for me, was using random position MIDI modilfiers, Cubase will move your notes randomly as set, but it doesn't move the automation with it, so I found it best to only use positve random values, or articulations get missed. But I don't think this is the complete answer, so I too would be interested to find a solution to this issue.  I am convinced it is not VE Pro at fault, I am sure it is Cubase.

  • Did you ever get to the bottom of this, as I seem to have the same problem in Cubase 7.5 and its driving me NUTS!!

  • This was working for me just fine for years with Cubase 6 and 6.5, and now I can't get it to work in Cubase 8 although I've checked all the proper preferences (I think). Any ideas?