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  • Kontakt player 5 doesn't appear in VEP5

    Hi, I just purchased the upgrade of Los Angeles Scoring String 2.0 wish requires Kontakt player 5 or later. I used to work with Kontakt 4 in Vienna Ensemble pro 4. My problem is that Kontakt 5 player is not recognized in Vienna Ensemble Pro 4, neither in VEP5. Any suggestion ? Cheers Baptiste

  • Are you on a Mac or PC?  Is everything else showing up? What version of K5 and VEP are you on?

    Assume you've tried this:

    Rescan your VST folder. (preferences > plugin > rescan)

    Make sure the .dll plugin file is installed in the same folder the VEP is scanning  - both 64 and 32 bit folders.

    Turn everything off and reboot - have a cup of tea and if it still doesn't work panic.