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  • How to install Special Edition DVD Library Update?

    I'm running Windows 7 Professional 64-bit.  I downloaded Vienna Instruments Software 2.1 (build 5740) and used the Library installer to install Special Edition from the DVDs.  All went smooth... now I am trying to install the "Special Edition DVD Library Update."

    The instructions read:

    • Download all Library Updates for your registered Vienna Instruments Collections.
    • Then open the Directory Manager and drag the zipped files on top of it.
    • The Library Update process will start right away, and will give you a report when finished.

    Dragging the file into the Directory Manager has no apparent effect.  No update starting, no error message, no feedback of any kind.  I've tried all the alternate interpretations of these instructions I can think of: dragging only the .viupdate file (after unzipping), the whole unzipped folder, the original .zip file... dragging to the open Directory Manager window or to the Directory Manager icon.  No reaction at all.

    What am I missing here?

  • You simply downloaded the wrong version. The current release of VI is:

    Vienna Instruments Software (Windows XP or higher 32+64bit) build 9753

    Available at the top of the VI download page:


  • Thank you.

    Will there be any problems because I used the wrong version to install the files from the DVD?

  • No. If the content is installed and is showing up in your player, everything is fine. You might want to run the library updates however, available from: