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  • Pro Tools 8 VEP 5 , 8 core mac

    Hi I am trying to set up my instantces / cores ratio , i have an 8 core mac and currently have 5 cores for PT 1 core per instance for 64 and 32 bit VEP 5 leavng 1 for the system , does that seem right / best possible configuration ? M

  • The number of core you allocate to Pro Tools will depend on what plugins you have loaded in PT. The optimum way is to have all you FX, EQ, dynamic plugins inside VEP so as to maximize your CPU usage. In my tempalte, I only have one core allocated to Pro Tools and the rest all to VEP (except for one allocated to the system).

    5 cores for PT seems way too much. If you can enable hyperthreading in your BIOS, you will be able to utilze all 16 virtual cores. Pro Tools currently cannot benefit from hyperthreading, which is another reason why you should allocate most of your plugins inside VEP via group buses.

    Hope this helps

    Jean Paul