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  • Multi - Core management on VEPro 5

    Hi, this is probably a newbie question, but I was wondering if something has changed in the way VEPro 5 manages the different CPU cores. Let me explain myself. With VEPro, it was better to have one instance per, let's say, Kontakt string instrument, i.e. One VEPro for violins, another for violas, another for cello and so on. It was like this because, in this way, you got a better cpu load distribution between cores. My question is if it is still the same or, in VEPro 5, I'm able to load all the string section (8 Kontakt instances, more or less) in the same VEPro instance so I can use the VEPro mixer, and not having 8 windows open just for the strings section. I'm trying to keep things simple. Thanks very much for your attention. Cheers!

  •  I can tell you from my experience, less VEP instances is better. You just increase the number of allocated cores and reduce the numer of cores for your DAW to the bare minimum. As an example, I optimized my template to 3 VEP instances with 16 Kontakt midi ports in each VEP instance (with a few Omnispheres), and 16 patches in each kontakt for a total of 768 midi channels & instruments (consuming around 10 GB of RAM, with kontakt purged to load only the bare minimum).

    I have an 8-core PC, with hyperthreading thats 16 cores. I allocate 12 to VEP, and 2 to Pro Tools. Most of the FX plugins are in VEP, and the CPU meter barely goes over 23% in VEP. i can still go with 14 cores to VEP and this would bring it down even more.

    Hope this helps !

  • Hi Jean Paul, thanks for your answer! I'll try what you say to see what happens. But, from what I've read, it wasn't like that before. It was better to have one instance per instrument, so the load was better distributed between cores. Hence my question. I wanted to know if this had changed with VEPro5, because I find it very embarrassing to have lots of VEPro windows opened. Thanks again for your idea! Best regards.

  • It has never been better to run one instance per instrument. The fewer instances, the better.

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    @MS said:

    It has never been better to run one instance per instrument. The fewer instances, the better.

    Thanks Martin. Well, it looks like I understood the opposite. I think I read somewhere that it was better to have one instance per instrument (violins, violas, cello, etc..). From what you and Jean Paul say, the good way is to have, let's say, one VEpro instance for all the instruments, independently if they are from VSL or third party? This way is much easier and convenient, of course. Thanks!

  • The one instance per instrument was probably more coined towards VI Pro than VE Pro.

    generally it would be a good assumption that a user might not be as good at managing computer resources as programmers on modern operation systems.