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  • VE PRO 5 and Cubase 6

    Hi there,

    I own VE PRO 5, Cubase 6, and a whole bunch of sample libraries, including VSL Special Edition, Extended Library, etc. I've just had this issue in Cubase 6.0.5. where my samples would start dropping out of playback. and, loops would start playing out of sync. its almost as though either ve pro or the firewire, or my hard drive couldn't handle it. I've used it fine for the last 2-3 weeks until tonight when this started happening.

    I restarted my computer, it got better, and then after working on my project for half an hour, it started happening again. It is a big project, but i have more than enough memory on my mac. Im using a 2011 Macbookpro, OS X Lion, with 16gb of RAM.. i have 5gb of RAM leftover with all my session files open. i set VE PRO to use 1 thread per instance. I stream my samples from my 2011 OWC Mercury Elite AL Pro (7200RpM)..

    The reason why i'm posting here, and not on the Cubase forum, is because a friend of mine uses Logic, and also has been experiencing the same mysterious dropping out of sounds, for no reason, without having changed any settings or anything like that. He uses a MacPro.

    Any thoughts? Solutions from the people at VSL?

    Would really appreciate it, and also would really appreciate it if any of you other users also experience the same issue.

    Thanks, Jon Ong

  • Make sure wifi is disabled.

    Attach an ethernet cable directly between both slave and master.  Assign dedicated IP address to both slave and master.  

    Any better?


  • Actually, i found out what my problem was, and I want to delete this post. But i don't know how to.

    My audio interface, the Focusrite Saffire Pro 24, was causing the problem.

    When i unplugged it and plugged my headphones directly into my MBPro, there wasnt any samples dropping out. (I dont use a slave PC)

    So i reinstalled my drivers for my interface, and it seems to be working now.


    However, my friend still has the problem in Logic.. his workaround was to just not use VE Pro and run everything within logic (64bit)... How can i delete this post?

    Thanks Jon