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  • VI Pro2 bug in RTAS Protools

    Hi all,

    I ran into what I think has to be a bug.

    1. Load VIPro2 as an RTAS plugin in Protools

    2. Load a patch or matrix (you will be able to play it on the on-screen keyboard) and all is well

    3. Remove the patch or matrix (Clear). Some words from the previous patch or matrix on the left of the cell A1 will remain

    4. Load another patch or matrix

    5. The keyboard no longer functions and the actual patch or matrix, although visually the first one was cleared and the second one loaded, still is the first patch or matrix. You can play it with your real keyboard but no longer with the on-screen keyboard.

    6. Basically VIPro2 hangs.

    7. Only solution, eliminate the plugin, reload a new instance and start over again.

    Anyone else witnessed this? Cheers, Bob.