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  • Why no instance when opening Airport on Mac?

    1.For best performance I didn't use any gigbit switch, but directly connects my 2 mac computers. Everything works great but if I open the airport on the slave computer, everything sounds great as well (would there be any potential problems??), but if I want to add a new instance from my master computer, I can't find any instance, nor the slave computer name. If I just turn the airpot off, I can immediately see my slave computer... When the airport is on, though I can't find my slave computer, my instances are still connected and sound, will this be any potential problems? If they're connected even when the airport is on, why I can't my slave computer? 2. Technically, if I get a gigbit switch and connect 2 computer, will this not as ultimate speed/performance as I directly use one cable to connect two? Thanks!

  • just to say, I already made the service order in Network--- Ethernet is higher than airport.

  • Please make sure you are using different subnets for the physcial and wireless network adapters (for instance 192.168.0.* and 192.168.1.*)

  • Thanks MS! I solve the problem by setting my ethernet to 192.168.0.* , while air port is 192.168.1.* Would this produce any potential problem or noises for my audios over LAN? Or it's the same no matter my airport is on or off under this occation. Thanks!

  • Depends on your computer. If it is a badly designed ethernet/airport solution, you could have troubles.

  • My computer is just Macbook pro and Mac Pro.And Macbook Pro is the computer who has airport open.

  • Every Macbook Pro model is different. I remember there being some issues with my old C2D 2.16GHz MBP, but I have yet to see any performance problems with Gigabit Ethernet when I have airport enabled on my current Mac Mini i7-Quad-2.0GHz Server. I have successfully streamed 250 tracks over gig-e from my PC to this mac.

  • Super cool! Thanks very much! Besides, I know it may not be your responsibility. But I always want to know if Logic or Pro Tools can run successfully on Mac Mini(Lion Server OS)?

  • Sinne the Mac mini server only runs on Lion, this is the exact setup I'm using on my development Mac. Lion server, latest Logic, Cubase and PT. no issues so far.


  • Thanks! Great to know that. Did you enable the sever applications? I mean, I heard there's some sort of switch that you can turn on then sever applications will run, otherwise it would be exactly the same as Lion.

  • My server applications are all off.

  • Do you know if there's a single switch which if you turn off, then Lion Server would just be the same as Lion?