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  • Muted Strings

    I know the real answer to this is simply 'spend the money, Steve!'


    I am using the SE solo strings to write a String Quartet and while I am sure the DVD solo strings would be far more expressive and have more articulations, for composition purposes the SE is doing just fine. It does not need to be perfect as it is simply for my benefit as I have a real performance lined up in March.

    However, I am desperately missing muted versions of the SE articulations....

    In the longer term, is there any chance of VSL producing an add-on muted solo strings for the SE (extended-extended!) for download?

    In the short term has anyone worked out the best EQ for faking mutes on these solo strings?

    Thanks for any help with the last above


  • Depending on how exposed the parts are, I've brought down the 'brightness' and was able to adequately simulate mutes/con sordino.